Your delivery journey just got smoother.

We’ve updated your Courier App. Check out the new and improved delivery and alcohol flow.

Brand new look

There’s a new look and feel to improve the order flow experience. We’ve added more in-app personality for an engaging and rewarding delivery experience. Light and dark modes will now be available also. 

Decluttered info

Improved visibility and hierarchy of information will allow you to receive clear info for each specific point of your delivery journey. Your most important info will appear on screen, and the rest can be found in the expanded view. 

Long-press button

We’ve added a long-press button feature for increased accessibility so you can now navigate the app more easily.

Map Overview

We’ve also added a new map overview to better visualize and plan your route with the addition of pins and connecting lines.

How does it work?

Check out this video to see the updates in action:

Alcohol flow

You’ll now be prompted in the Courier App to enter a customer’s date of birth upon delivery of alcohol orders. The Courier App will reply with a validation response. You may retry once.

If valid: The Courier App will ask you to check that the customer’s name on their ID matches their name on the app and is not intoxicated. If not intoxicated, you may proceed with delivery. 

If invalid: You must connect with support to return the item.

Learn more about the new features in your Courier App.

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