Why Do We Onboard More Couriers?

Here’s how we manage courier schedules:

The Skip Network is made up of restaurant partners, customers and couriers, like you, who deliver the goods. You may wonder how we coordinate so many deliveries and couriers; how we ensure we’ve got enough couriers on the road; and why you may face changing levels of business.

Well, it all comes down to scheduling.

To ensure all stakeholders have a good experience on the network, we match courier schedules based on forecasted order volume. Additional couriers are onboarded to the network based on a number of factors such as expected order volume, courier availability, and active courier base to ensure there is enough courier coverage throughout the day and not just the peak hours to meet the speed and reliability customers have come to expect on the Skip network.   

As a courier on the Skip Network, you have the freedom to choose when, where, and how often you deliver.

Couriers are scheduled in each zone based on the number of orders we expect to receive in a given period. That way, there’s always a healthy match of couriers and order volume in every delivery zone.

Our estimation is usually based on anticipated order volumes. Sometimes, order volume is lower or higher than that estimated volume which is why we give you more opportunities to optimize your time and earnings opportunity. 

You can optimize your time and earnings in a number of ways:

  • Set your availability. Make sure you’ve updated your availability within the courier app every Wednesday by midnight so we know when exactly to schedule you. You need to set availability for a minimum of 4 hours to get scheduled.
  • Choose shifts that work for you. Accept as many shifts as you like based on your availability once they’re assigned to you.
  • Can’t make it to a shift? You can drop shifts in the app.
  • Find open shifts. Got some unexpected free time? Check the courier app to see if any shifts have opened up in your area.
  • Surge shifts. From time to time, we may put the call out for extra couriers or extended shifts. Make sure your notifications settings are turned on. Keep your app ready to accept any that come your way.

Since shifts are determined based on the volume of orders in a given area, some shifts could be busier than others. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get a specific number of orders every time, we do our best to keep each shift balanced with couriers for the best experience.

Love delivering on the Skip Network? Refer friends to access great incentives. And always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.