Get in the Skip Express Lane.

Skip Express Lane

Big news! We just launched Skip Express Lane in several locations across Canada. These new hubs are just the beginning of this exciting new roll out, that lets customers skip the store and have essentials delivered straight to their doors.

That’s where you come in. Skip Express Lane gives you a chance to increase your earning potential, picking up quick orders with little hassle.

Since Skip Express Lane is exclusively open to couriers, the pick up process is easy: you park in the designated area, walk in through the main doors, and grab your delivery, which may be a few bags or boxes. And you won’t have to worry about pickup delays slowing you down.

We’ve guaranteed delivery in under 25 minutes, so we want to keep your process as quick and easy as possible. That way you can maximize your earnings whenever a Skip Express Lane offer comes in.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to an agent.

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