SkipTheDishes Alcohol Delivery Signup Incentives

Signup Incentive Details: Check Your Eligibility

Alcohol deliveries can provide couriers an opportunity to boost their earnings by increasing the number of eligible offers they can receive, or open shifts they can pick up. For a limited time, we are offering alcohol sign up incentives in select zones. 

How to get certified?

Ontario: Complete Smart ServeUpload Certification

Alberta: Complete ProServe  Upload Certification

British Columbia: Complete Serving it Right   Upload Certification

Nova Scotia: Complete Serve Right ProgramUpload Certification 

Alcohol signup incentives are updated daily and vary by region. Review the list below to see if your area qualifies for an incentive today!

Zone Incentive Value Date Live Incentive Status
Timmins $300 07/11/2022 Closed
Woodstock $300 07/11/2022 Closed
Stratford $300 07/11/2022 Closed
GTA – Bowmanville $300 07/11/2022 Closed
Barrhaven $300 07/11/2022 Open
St. Thomas $300 07/11/2022 Closed
GTA – Burlington $300 07/11/2022 Closed
Orangeville $300 07/11/2022 Closed
Cambridge $300 07/11/2022 Closed
Milton $250 07/11/2022 Open
Kanata $250 07/11/2022 Open
Brantford $250 07/11/2022 Closed
Chatham-Kent $250 07/11/2022 Closed
Bolton $250 07/11/2022 Open
Hamilton $250 07/11/2022 Closed
Grimsby $250 07/11/2022 Open
GTA – Oakville $200 07/11/2022 Closed
Bradford $200 07/11/2022 Closed
Cornwall $200 07/11/2022 Closed
GTA – Richmond Hill Area $200 07/11/2022 Open
Welland $200 07/11/2022 Closed
Owen Sound $200 07/11/2022 Closed
GTA – Oshawa-Whitby $200 07/11/2022 Closed
Belleville $200 07/11/2022 Closed
GTA – Mississauga $200 07/11/2022 Closed
GTA – Markham Area $200 07/11/2022 Open
GTA – Brampton $200 07/11/2022 Open
GTA – Newmarket $200 07/11/2022 Closed
Ottawa – East $200 07/11/2022 Open
GTA – Scarborough Area $200 07/11/2022 Closed

Eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions for the Alcohol Incentive:

  • This offer is only available to couriers that receive the email with the subject line, “Get certified to deliver alcohol and get cash incentives” or “Finish onboarding to get up to $300.”
  • Couriers must upload their alcohol certification and activate their account for alcohol delivery to receive the incentive.
  • To qualify, couriers must be active, and should have completed at least 5 deliveries in the specific zone where the incentives are available within the last two weeks of receiving the above-stated email.
  • Couriers must signup and get activated to deliver alcohol while the incentives last. Signups received after the promotion is closed or terminated in the above zones and couriers that were activated to deliver alcohol before July 11, 2022 will not qualify for the incentive.

Additional Information

  • Skip may terminate, update, or change the eligibility requirements for the incentives at any time without prior notice. 
  • Skip may close specific zones at any time without notice. When a zone is closed, couriers may sign up for alcohol delivery, but they will not qualify for the Incentive. 
  • If a courier qualifies, the incentive will appear on one of the courier’s weekly earning statements as “Alcohol Signup Incentive”.
  • Even if the incentives are not available in a zone, couriers can still register for alcohol delivery. However, they will not qualify for the Alcohol Delivery Incentive.