Delivering Convenience and Grocery Orders

You can expand your earning potential by accepting and completing offers for delivery from convenience and grocery stores.

There’s no need to opt-in. You’ll get convenience and grocery offers the same way you get restaurant offers in the Courier App. 

Just like restaurant offers, convenience and grocery offers are pre-packaged by the store. Just look for the designated pickup area. Check the merchant instructions in the courier app for any special pickup instructions. 

Don’t forget: all deliveries are contactless and cashless. Take note of the customer’s contactless delivery instructions when dropping off the order.

Tips for delivering drinks:

  • Ask the restaurant or store for a drink tray and lid. This will help keep drinks intact. 
  • Ask the restaurant or store to cover the cup with plastic wrap to prevent spills. 
  • If you purchased your thermal bag from Skip, it will have dividers that create sections in your bag. These dividers separate cold drinks from hot items.
  • Keeping a washcloth in your car can be handy to wipe away any spills. 
  • Keeping your thermal bag on a level surface, such as the floor of the car, can help prevent it from tilting and turning while you’re driving towards the customer’s location. 

If you need assistance, chat with us in the Courier App. 

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