Special Delivery Instructions Are A Courier’s Best Friend

When you accept an offer, you will often find special instructions from the restaurant or customer attached to the order information. These instructions can save you time on every delivery, and prevent avoidable mix-ups and mishaps.

By following these instructions, you can save time on every order, letting you accept more offers, and likely increase your earning potential on every shift.

Saving time at pick up and delivery

Whether you’re headed to the restaurant to pick up an order, or on your way to drop off an order at a customer, special delivery instructions help make every delivery as smooth as possible.

A restaurant’s instructions may include information on the best places to park to avoid getting a ticket, or an alternate entrance to the building that’s better suited for picking up an order.

A customer’s instructions could point you to an alternate entrance, give you a marker to easily spot a house or building, even a request to knock instead of using the doorbell.

Customers and restaurants know about the areas you’re heading, and their instructions are there to make deliveries easier for everyone.

Using delivery instructions

Reading and using special delivery instructions allows you to offer good service to customers. You’re usually delivering in the same delivery zone, which means you may deliver to the same customer more than once. A customer is likely to order again if they have great interaction with couriers, and that includes following the delivery instructions.

Some customers may have specific needs to facilitate delivery, and special delivery instructions are how you can accommodate them.

For example, a customer with limited mobility may take longer to answer the door. If you don’t read the special instructions, you may leave before they answer the door, assuming no one is home.

Accommodating customer’s requests by reading and following their special instructions allows you to offer an outstanding delivery service.

Finding information that’s important to you

Once you’ve swiped to accept an offer, you’ll be able to view the special pickup and delivery instructions right below the restaurant and customer information in the order details.

Using these instructions may reduce your need to call the restaurant or the customers which means, you’ll deliver orders faster. You may even increase your positive reviews.

It’s important to remember that sometimes customers make mistakes in their instructions, or forget to update them when needed. If you ever see an additional address in the customer’s special delivery instructions, chat with us immediately — we’re always here to help.

Staying safe during pickup

Due to COVID-19, all restaurant partners on the Skip Network are navigating policies and systems to keep employees, customers, and couriers safe.  

We understand it can be confusing and challenging to adapt to these unusual changes. We appreciate your patience and agility! Check out our article about COVID-19 guidelines here

Here are some examples of pickup procedures you may encounter:

  • A staff member meets you at the door to hand over the order.
  • A staff member meets you at the door and leads you to the pickup section.
  • A note is left on the restaurant entrance with instructions to use an alternate entrance, ring a bell, or to text for curbside pickup (also known as text and drop).

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