Get To Know The Skip Social Code

Together, we can all contribute to a safe, positive network.

The SkipTheDishes Social Code outlines standard conduct for everyone that uses the Skip Network, including customers, restaurant partners, and couriers — because respect is everyone’s business.

If you haven’t already, you can read the complete Social Code here and access it anytime from the Courier Portal.

The Social Code is a two-way street:

How you conduct yourself. Every user of the Skip Network is expected to conduct themselves in line with the standards outlined in the Social Code. That means that every step of the way, you’re contributing to a safe and respectful network.

How customers, restaurants, and other couriers treat you. Just as you’re held to the standards outlined in the Social Code, so are the people you encounter while delivering on the network. Every user is required to treat you with fairness and respect during every interaction, whether you’re collecting an order from the restaurant or knocking on a customer’s door for a delivery.

What if I think someone has violated the Social Code?

If you think that a restaurant partner, a customer, or another courier has acted in a way that’s inconsistent with the Social Code, let us know. We ask that all parties refrain from posting harassing or disparaging content about other Skip users on social media. Instead, reach out to us directly so that we can assess the situation as part of our commitment to ongoing network safety.

If your safety, or the safety of another user, is ever in jeopardy, find a safe place and contact the authorities immediately.

Read more about the Skip Social Code on our website. 

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