Growing with Groceries.

Skip Grocery Delivery

Local grocers. Large orders.

We have big news to share – grocery delivery has expanded into your area! There’s no need to opt-in. You’ll get grocery offers the same way you get restaurant offers in the Courier App.

Grocery deliveries are just like restaurant orders with a few extra things to remember, so we have put together this list to make every delivery a success.


  • You’ll find parking and pickup instructions from grocers in the App, just like a restaurant order. 
  • Remember, you don’t have to shop for items, they will be pre-packaged and ready to go. Simply show the grocer your order number.
  • Your wellbeing is a priority – be careful lifting heavy items. Grocers provide carts for transporting larger orders to your vehicle, or make multiple trips.
  • For the best customer experience, place frozen items in your thermal bags.

  • Ready to drive? Check to see your delivery items are packed well.
  • You can avoid spills by packing bags in an upright position.
  • Remember, piling up grocery orders can cause damage to food items.

         Just like restaurant orders, there will be delivery instructions in the Customer Notes.

Now you’ve got it. Look out for grocery orders and add groceries to your delivery business.

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