Keep Your Cool. Get These Hot Tips On Thermal Bags

As a courier on the Skip Network, your thermal bags play an important part in ensuring top-notch food quality to customers on every delivery.

Here are a few helpful tips to use your thermal bags properly:

  1. Bring Your Thermal Bags With You
    Carry your thermal bags into the restaurant at pickup and to the customer’s door for delivery. This allows the restaurant and customer to easily identify you.
  2. Zip It Up
    Sealing your thermal bags completely is an important part of ensuring the highest food quality and safety while keeping food at the right temperature.
  3. Be Careful With Beverages
    When it comes to liquids or beverages, ask for a drink tray! This will keep items like coffee or smoothies secure and avoid spills.
  4. Keep Hot And Cold Items Separate
    No one likes melted ice cream. Try your best to keep hot and cold items separate. The removable dividers in the bag work perfectly for this and a drink tray fits nicely in there too.
  5. Place Thermal Bags On The Floor Of Your Vehicle
    The easiest way to avoid a mess is to place your bag on the floor of your vehicle so the order doesn’t spill or fall over while driving. Always try to keep the items in your bags as level as possible.
  6. Keep Your Bags Clean
    It’s your responsibility to wipe your bag down regularly to keep your thermal bags in clean and good condition. We suggest hand washing the inside lining with warm water and soap or wiping with disinfectant or antibacterial wipes, especially along seams.


If you have lost, stolen, or damaged thermal bags you can purchase replacements here.

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