Pizza Delivery Pro-Tips

Skip Pizza Bag

Tips on how to use pizza bags.

As a courier on the Skip Network, your thermal bags play an important role in ensuring top-notch food quality to customers on every delivery. Using your pizza bag effectively is a big part of that!

It’s your responsibility to use your pizza bag properly, here’s some hot tips:

  1. Keep It Flat
    Place your pizza bags horizontally whenever there’s pizza inside. Never tip it over, hold it vertically, or place it upside down, otherwise, the toppings will slide off.
  2. Keep It Closed
    As with any of your thermal bags, they work most effectively when they’re kept closed.
  3. Keep It Separated
    Try your best to keep hot and cold items separate. A pizza belongs in a pizza bag, while drinks go in your other thermal bag.
  4. Keep It Clean
    Clean your bags regularly. No one likes greasy pizza boxes.

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If you’ve lost your thermal bags, or they’ve been damaged or stolen, you can purchase replacements here.

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