Introducing Operation Test Drive

Help us build a better network.

We know you’re working hard. Meanwhile, we’re working harder to make our network the best it can be. We’re constantly doing user experience research with couriers, customers, and restaurant partners on the Skip Network. That’s why we’ve introduced Operation Test Drive in select cities — and soon, it’ll be coming your way.

As part of Operation Test Drive, you’ll be the first to experience new programs and promotions and get the opportunity to give us your feedback.

What it is

Operation Test Drive pilots, trials, and tests out new programs, product features, and network enhancements. Under this new program, you can expect to see changes ranging from small interface updates to entirely new earning opportunities in select zones.

How we research

When we test new features on the Courier App and Courier Portal, we use a Canada-wide testing tool to reach couriers and get relevant feedback straight from the source.

We engage with real users on the Skip Network to gain insight into their experience. We gather information from couriers in the course of delivery to get their feedback both in-person and online. This helps shape our direction, identify issues, and directly impact our products.

How to get involved

Operation Test Drive is about improving your experience delivering on the SkipTheDishes network. As we continue to launch new pilot programs, we’ll be seeking out feedback when new products go live in your city. Keep an eye on your inbox!

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