Put Your Earnings In Overdrive With Fast Track Offer Matching + Top-Up Promo

Across Canada, Fast Track Offer Matching and the Top-Up Promo are now live — which means there’s more exciting earning opportunities for couriers delivering on the Skip Network from coast-to-coast!

With Operation Test Drive, we’ve piloted and tested these new programs across the country with valuable feedback from couriers like you.

What’s Fast Track Offer Matching?

Fast Track Offer Matching matches you to more offers in your city when you maintain a high acceptance rate. There’s no minimum acceptance rate to be eligible for Fast Track Offer Matching. A higher acceptance rate means you’re more likely to be matched to offers.

What’s The Top-Up Promo?

With the Top-Up Promo, couriers with an acceptance rate of 80% or higher are guaranteed minimum earnings (transit pay + tip) for each order they complete. This means when you complete orders with a lower combined transit pay or tip, we’ll add to it — up to a minimum amount for eligible couriers when top-up conditions apply.

If you’re eligible for the Top-Up Promo, you’ll see the topped-up amount added on your offer screen if it applies to that order.*

What’s An Acceptance Rate?

Your acceptance rate is the percentage of orders you accept and complete out of your last 10 offers received.

For example, if you accept and complete 8 of 10 offers, your acceptance rate is 80%. Your acceptance rate is always calculated based on your last 10 offers and continues to be calculated from one shift to the next.

How to decline an offer?

You can now accept or decline an offer within seconds. We’ve added a new feature in the Courier App that allows you to decline an offer without waiting for the timer to run out. Once you’re matched with an offer, tap Decline in the top left corner of the offer details.

It’s that easy to clear your plate of the offers you don’t want. It is always your choice to decline or accept an offer. Declining offers won’t result in being suspended from the network or the loss of future shifts.

What’s Next?
We have more exciting network updates and exclusives coming soon. Stay tuned for more!

*Check out these tips and tricks to turbocharge your earnings on the Skip Network! Declining an offer won’t result in being suspended from the network or the loss of future shifts.

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