Park Like A Pro

Prevent parking woes before you go.

Knowing where to park before you arrive at the restaurant or customer’s address can save you valuable time on every delivery.

Locating a parking space can eat up time and prolong delivery, which can sometimes affect the number of deliveries you’d be able to complete during a shift. Plus, parking in the wrong place may put you at risk of unexpected parking tickets.

When parking — either at the restaurant or customer’s location — it’s up to you to find an appropriate, legal parking space. That includes being aware of time limits, payment requirements, and any restrictions on the parking space.

Special instructions in the app

But there’s good news: when you accept an offer, you may find helpful parking information or tips provided by restaurants and customers in the special instructions for pickup and delivery. Customers and restaurants are familiar with their area and can provide information on ideal parking spaces or loading zones. These instructions can save you valuable time on every delivery!

Plus, some restaurants even have designated or preferred parking stalls reserved for couriers. Restaurants do this in an effort to accommodate couriers at busy times and to make every pickup more efficient, ensuring you’re spending less time finding a parking space.

Parking violations

You may want to be careful if you decide to stop or park in a loading zone. If you experience a hold at the restaurant or customer’s location, you may exceed the time limit for the loading zone and could put yourself at risk of a ticket, so take note of any time limits listed on signs.

Remember, SkipTheDishes does not reimburse any costs incurred from parking violations. It’s your responsibility to abide by all applicable laws in your region while making deliveries on the Skip Network. This includes all laws and bylaws related to parking, the safe operation of a vehicle, and the payment of any fines related to violation of those laws or bylaws.

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