Deliver like a pro with delivery photos

NEW! We’ve added your delivery photos to the customer feedback page and order receipt. This will help you protect your earnings and reduce undelivered orders. 

Taking and uploading photos is the same process for couriers, the only difference is we’re now sharing them with customers as proof of delivery.

Did you know we have a new feature that lets you take a photo of the customer’s order for every delivery?

If an order is determined to be undelivered, you lose the earnings for that order. Proof of delivery helps you keep your earnings!

Taking photos:

Below you’ll find a checklist of what is ideal to include in your post-delivery photos. This will help your customers easily locate their order:

  • If the customer is at the door waiting for you, please let them know that you need to take a picture of the delivered order including the following:
  • House/Apt Door
  • House/Apt Number
  • Order Package

Below are some samples of what is considered a good photo:

Your geo-location and timestamp of your photo will help determine the drop-off location.

What if the customer is not reachable for a direct delivery?

This feature will allow you to make sure that the order has been left as directed, or in a safe location as they are unreachable. Please follow the steps below to ensure you have done your best to complete the delivery. 

  • When you arrive at the customer location, swipe “parked at customer.”
  • Follow the customer’s delivery instructions, like “3rd floor, leave on the orange bench, come to the back door.”  
  • Try to contact the customer to let them know you’ve delivered their order and/or give them directions to find it if special delivery instructions have not been provided. 
  • If the customer is still unreachable, you can leave the order at a safe location where they can access it.
  • In your Courier App, take a picture of the order including the door, apartment or house number.
  • Now, you can swipe “delivered.”

Handed the customer their order?

Just let them know that you’ll need to take a picture of the order, then click “take a picture.” When the picture is uploaded, swipe “delivered.”

It’s that easy!

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