Bike safety tips for safe rides.

Do you currently deliver food on a bike? Your safety is important to us, so we’d like to share some tips for keeping you safe on the road.The government of Toronto has provided some road rules while riding a bike. 

Below are some of the government suggested tips to follow:

Bike safety tips as per city guidelines

Road safety

  • Familiarize yourself with local laws and follow the rules of the road. See Toronto guidelines.
  • Slow down coming into corners and sharp turns, and approaching intersections.
  • Adjust your speed to match the prevailing road conditions.

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  • Avoid blocking sidewalks and leave space for pedestrians and other traffic.
  • Public benches and seating areas are for everybody – share the space.

Roads and bike lanes

  • Don’t ride on the sidewalks.
  • Check your surroundings before changing lanes.
  • Always use hand signals correctly prior to making a lane change.
  • Avoid making unnecessary lane changes — this decreases your visibility to other motorists.
  • Check your mirrors and perform a shoulder check prior to moving lanes.
  • Be aware of your blind spots.
  • Use your headlight at all times to increase your visibility to other motorists.


  • Check your brakes, tires, and other equipment before riding. 
  • Wear your helmet. Make sure your helmet fits properly and is being worn per manufacturer’s instructions. Low on your forehead and snug under your chin.
  • Increase visibility by wearing brightly coloured clothing. 
  • Park your bike on designated racks if available.


  • Check your surroundings for hazards such as car doors opening, rapidly braking traffic, potholes, wildlife and pedestrians.
  • Avoid hazards by having a sufficient gap between you and the vehicle ahead.

See you on the road!

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