Wishing you a safe winter

We’re expecting it to be a busy winter on the Skip Network. While delivering, make your safety the top priority. Here are some safety tips for the winter.

Before you start your shift, it’s best to check the high and low temperatures for the day. Consider wearing warm clothes and gloves, and ensure that you have a full tank of gas. Keeping an ice scraper and snow brush in your car can help you get through the snowy weather. To maximize your delivery time, give yourself extra time to defrost and remove snow. 

Don’t forget to keep a shovel in your trunk in case you need to dig around your car.

For a smooth delivery experience, consider installing winter tires. Summer and all-season tires quickly harden in cold temperatures and prevent traction, while winter tires are made of a soft rubber compound that allows them to grip the road even in extreme weather conditions. Check the laws in your province, as winter tires may be mandatory. For example, winter tires are mandatory throughout Québec, and on many highways in British Columbia. 

For your own safety, maintain a reduced speed while driving in poor visibility conditions or on slippery and icy roads. Using cruise control in winter may be unsafe due to the weather conditions.

Drive according to the road conditions: check the posted speed limit for each location, and maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles. Remember, stopping distance is affected by the conditions of the road, especially in winter:

  • 2x longer on wet pavement
  • 3x longer on packed snow
  • Up to 10x longer on icy roads

When parking, it’s your responsibility to find a legal parking space. Always check the time limits, payment requirements, and restrictions of parking spaces.

To ensure customer satisfaction, you want the food to arrive at the right temperature. To protect food from the cold, remember to zip up your thermal bags. Read the special instructions from the customer and drop off the order at the customer’s desired location, taking care that the order is not exposed to rain or snow.

Please know that you are responsible for your insurance coverage and following the road and safety laws of your province. You can report any car accidents when they occur to your local authorities or insurance providers. 

If you need to unassign an existing order or pause future offers due to a collision, you can use the offline chat function in the Courier App. 

Following safe driving practices helps you prevent mishaps on the road. 

Stay warm and safe!

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