Curbside Delivery Rolls Out

Livraison au bord de la rue

Less time spent on things like parking means you’ll be back on the road quicker than ever!

Curbside Delivery is here to make your deliveries smoother and quicker, helping you earn more on the Skip Network.

Customers have the option to choose where to meet you with every order, either at the curb or at their door.

How it works

In your Courier App you’ll see a CURBSIDE DELIVERY tag in the delivery instructions of the offer you’ve accepted. This indicates that the customer has chosen to meet you at the curb.

Note: If you don’t see a CURBSIDE DELIVERY tag, this means the customer expects you to meet them at their door.

When you arrive at the address, you can call the customer to decide on a more specific location together if needed. If you can’t get in touch with the customer, you can chat with us on your Courier App.

How it helps

Your deliveries will be faster and easier — especially in areas where parking can be a challenge. If you’re delivering to a high-rise building, you’ll be able to wait out front and the customer will meet you there to collect their order instead of finding a parking spot and making your way through the building to their door.

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