💰 Courier Pay basics

Understanding when you will get access to your money when delivering can be really helpful in getting the most out of your time with us. We’re here to walk you through how your earnings are calculated, when you can get your hands on them, and the useful information waiting for you on your statements.

📙 Let’s start with the basics 

For each order, we provide you with Transit Pay, a payment determined by various factors like estimated distance and delivery time. And guess what? Depending on the busyness of your location, we might also throw in promotions and incentives, giving you extra chances to boost your earnings and truly flourish when delivering.

📈 Now, let’s talk about tracking your earnings 

Before you accept an offer in the Courier App, we’ve got your back with a clear display of the complete earnings for that order. You’ll also see where you’ll be picking up and delivering the order, as well as the estimated distance you’ll be covering. Once you’ve successfully delivered, you’ll get the lowdown on the earnings breakdown for that specific order, or orders.. This includes both the Transit Pay and any tips you’ve received. 

🍒 And let’s not forget the cherry on top – your weekly direct deposits 

We know you’re eagerly awaiting your hard-earned cash, so we’ve got a smooth system in place. Every Tuesday, like clockwork, we process your direct deposit payment for the previous week’s hard work (that’s Monday to Sunday, by the way). Although the exact processing time at financial institutions might vary between 1 to 3 days, you can generally expect to see those funds shining in your account by Thursday evening.

💸 Fast Cash 

If the Fast Cash feature is available in your city, you can cash out your pay instantly to a supported debit card. Setting up Fast Cash is easy and you can use it as often as you’d like and it costs $1.99 each time you use it.

View your earning statement here.

💻 Oh, and just to make sure everything’s smooth sailing, do a quick double-check on your banking info in the Courier Portal.