What is Fast Track Offer Matching?

Let’s talk about something exciting: Fast Track Offer Matching. You’ve probably seen this in the app and have wondered what the deal is. It’s all about making your experience smoother and snappier. If you’re the type who’s always up for a good offer adventure and your acceptance rate* is rocking, this one’s for you.

Unlike Top-Ups, you don’t need to worry about any minimum acceptance rate to hop on the Fast Track Offer Matching train. But here’s the golden nugget: keeping that acceptance rate on the higher side actually boosts your chances of getting matched with new offers.

🍔 So, what’s our secret sauce? Our smart algorithm is on the case. It’s like a matchmaking wizard that takes into account things like your vehicle type, how close you are to the partner, and, of course, your offer acceptance rate. All these ingredients come together with Fast Track Offer Matching.

Pssst… Here’s the cherry on top; Fast Track Offer Matching is live in most towns and cities. So get ready to rock those offer matches like a pro.

*Your acceptance rate is the % of orders you have accepted and completed, out of the last 10 offers you have received. In order for you to be eligible for Fast Track Offer Matching, your acceptance rate must be 80% or higher.