Extra Payments

If you’re in line for an extra payment, no worries – we’ve got you covered 🌟 You’ll spot it in your order’s earnings summary as soon as we process it. And hey, if it’s for a restaurant delay, just head to the “Restaurant Delay” summary line, and you’ll see the amount right there.

Now, to make sure you always get your well-deserved payments on time, here’s the scoop:

– When you’ve parked safely and arrived at the restaurant, long press “Parked At Restaurant” to update your status.

– Once you’ve got the order in the bag and you’re heading back to your vehicle, give that “Collected” button a tap.

– The moment you step into the partners location, share order number with one of the team.

👌 Just a quick heads-up: extra payments are like magic – they can only work when the Courier app is being used just right. So, here’s the checklist to ace it:

– Turn OFF WiFi.

– Deactivate ‘Low Battery’ or ‘Battery Saving’ mode.

– Turn ON your Location Services and set ’em to Always (for iOS) or High Accuracy (for Android).

– For all the iOS 14 champs, keep “Precise Location” enabled while you’re out on a run.

– Oh, and a special note for Android buddies – steer clear of those ‘Task Killer’ apps, they can be a buzzkill for background data.

And guess what? We’re here to give you a high-five for those longer-than-average hold times. ⏳ Delay payments will be visible about 5 minutes after the order is complete and automatically applied to your earnings. 

Keep up the awesome work. Let’s go!