Why have my delivery runs disappeared?

If you happen to check in late or miss a check-in for your run, don’t fret. After 30 minutes, our super-smart system will swoop in and give your schedule a friendly update. Just so you know, any scheduled runs coming up within 24 hours 🕙 of the missed one will be gently taken off your plate. You will still be able to pick up open runs. 

Our Courier Support team 🆘 is always on top of things. Whenever a document expires, they get a notification. This process ensures that you maintain access to the network. Unfortunately, runs that are removed cannot be reinstated, but our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Feeling up for some more action? You’re in control. Head to the Courier App 📱 anytime to scout out those open runs  And if they’re not dancing on the screen, no worries. Just switch your status from “Offline” to “Available” and you’ll be back in the game.