📅 Scheduling basics

📅 Do I need to submit my availability to deliver?

We recommend you do as we operate a closed network. You can book your delivery runs here. You need to submit your availability in app every Wednesday evening. If you don’t, you may not be able to deliver. 

✅ Do I need to confirm delivery runs? 

Yes, it’s best to confirm both scheduled and open runs within 48 hours of the start time. To confirm, go to the ‘My Delivery runs’ tab and follow the simple prompts.

👍 When do I know if my schedule is confirmed? 

We publish schedules every Thursday. Setting your availability doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive delivery runs for all of your available hours, but we’ll try our best.

❓ Can I drop delivery runs? 

You sure can, but if you ever find yourself unable to make a delivery run, please remove it from your schedule. It’s like a courtesy wave to the rest of the team, keeping the flow smooth for everyone. Click here and tap on the ‘X’ icon on the right side of each delivery run block and press ‘Drop Delivery Run’. 

🕒 Can I start my delivery run early or finish later? 

Once your weekly schedule has been published, unfortunately we can’t adjust the start time of your run. However, you can switch your status from “Offline” to “Available” whenever you’re ready to take orders. If you need to end a run early, you can do this whenever you want. Just tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of the app and then press ‘End Delivery Run’.

💨 What are open runs? 

Open runs are opportunities to deliver without a pre-booked delivery run. You can book open runs here. We publish open runs in the courier app during times of high demand so keep your eyes peeled. 

🔔 What are delivery run extensions? 

Based on demand we sometimes offer the opportunity to extend your run. Towards the end of your run, you may see an option to extend your run if your delivery zone is busy. 

😔 Why wasn’t I scheduled for any delivery runs? 

Our schedules are created based on forecasted order volumes and the availability you have submitted for the upcoming week. If you didn’t get scheduled and want to deliver but there are no open runs available, simply change your status from “Offline” to “Available” and you’ll be the first to know if we require additional couriers.