New to Skip: flowers and pet food.

We’re excited to announce there are more items to deliver and opportunities to earn on the Skip Network. Introducing flowers, pet food and pet supplies delivery. It’s basically the same as any other order, with just a few simple things to keep in mind.


    • To best maintain their freshness, avoid direct heat & sunlight, freezing temperatures, and dark spaces.
    • Thermal bags are for food deliveries only, no need to use it for flowers or pet food. 
    • Keeping flowers on a flat surface like your back seat helps keep them neat. 
    • Allergic to flowers? No sweat, you can decline the offer at any time.

Pet food:

    • Pet food orders may sound heavy, but do not worry, they have a limit of 40 lbs.
    • We also recommend carrying one item at a time to avoid injuries.
    • Allergic to pets and can’t go in the store? No sweat, you can decline the offer at any time.

If you are unable to deliver an order, you can decline or use the chat function in the Courier App to get unmatched. 

Like food and groceries, pet and flower deliveries are also contactless.

For a smooth delivery experience, make sure to follow merchant and customer instructions.

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