Let’s shine some light on how you get paid

What’s important to couriers on our network is important to us, so we want to offer more transparency around how you get paid. We wanted to share exactly how Skip calculates your pay so it’s always crystal clear how we arrive at the final payment you receive for every delivery. 

How does it work?

For every order that comes in, we calculate your earnings using two different formulas. Whichever one comes out the highest, will be the amount you receive – every time. You’ll always get a base fee no matter how short the delivery is, and as always, 100% of your tips are guaranteed. 

Here’s a breakdown of the formulas, using an example:

Previously, we estimated your earnings using the average time travelled to pre-established delivery zones. To address some of the most common issues our couriers faced, including long drive times, we’ve since refreshed our system to better balance both estimated time and distance to specific locations.

It’s all about balance: While this means that once in a while you may get paid a little less for some of the shorter drives, for those longer trips you’ll likely get paid a higher rate than before. That means fewer orders you won’t want to accept, and a higher chance of increasing your acceptance rate (AR). 

Wait, what’s Transit Pay Top Up again?

We know it can be a bit disappointing when a customer leaves little or no tip, so Transit Pay Top Up is something we add to your total earnings if that happens. It’s only available to couriers with an 80% AR, so the more deliveries you accept the more likely you will be to get it. 

Keep 100% of your courier tips!

Your tips, Courier Holds, subsidies, reimbursements and Gear Up incentives will all stay the same, but our new system makes it easier for us to facilitate Double Orders, so you can expect to see more of those coming through soon.

Anything else I need to remember?

  • Delivery fees – Delivery fees are not tied to transit pay. That means you will be paid consistently for the distance and time you travel while completing an order.
  • Change of address – If a customer changes the address of the drop-off point, we’ve got it covered. Our team will manually update the changes so you’ll get the right rate. 
  • Drive time after deliveries – Once an order has been dropped off the delivery is complete, which means drive time after deliveries aren’t factored into your pay per order.  Remember, it’s always likely you could get another delivery right after the previous one.


Will tips be counted?

Of course, tips are the best part! And they’re 100% yours to keep. Always. 

How much will the Base Fee be?

The minimums depend on your delivery zone and are based on a number of market factors. They may change from time to time.

What if I think it’s too low?

We get it, it’s never nice to get a delivery with low pay, but they do pop up every once in a while. It’s up to you whether you accept or reject a delivery, so if you think it’s too low, you can choose to wait for the next one.

How will a change of address be calculated?

If the customer changes the delivery address, our operations team will make an adjustment manually. All you need to do is enjoy the drive.

How much will I earn per kilometre?

Just like the base fee, the amount per kilometre depends on the delivery zone and may change from time to time.

Will I still be paid for courier holds at restaurants?

Yep, nothing’s changed here – you’ll still earn a fee for courier holds at restaurants.

Will my Acceptance Rate affect my earnings?

We know life happens and it may not be perfect all of the time, so rest assured, it never affects your Base Fee. The more deliveries you accept the more likely you will be eligible for Transit Pay Top-Up. 

What happened to the delivery fee?

Delivery fees are not tied to Transit Pay because it’s not a factor in how the new calculator determines your earnings. Our new method is much more precise and calculates your earnings based on an estimate of the distance you need to travel and how long it should take you.

Will we still get offered Gear Up incentives?

Don’t worry, this new change won’t impact when and where we provide the Gear Up incentive. That’s still a sure thing.

Will I now get paid for drive time after completing a delivery?

We don’t compensate for any drive time after the delivery is complete. Because it’s likely you could get another delivery right after delivering your last one. 

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