New Chat Topics Help You Get Answers Quicker

Our latest update to the Courier App makes your on-shift chat experience even smoother. Our new chat topics save you time and get you back on the road to earning extra cash.

Now, when you start a new chat, you can select a topic before beginning your conversation. This lets us direct your conversation to the right person, so they know exactly what you need when your conversation begins.

How do chat topics help?

When you’re on a shift, there are lots of reasons you may need to chat with our live support team. Whether you’re experiencing a problem with an order, or you’re having trouble finding the customer, using chat can take time away from delivering orders, and it may sometimes take some time to find the correct answer for you.

Now, you can begin your conversations by selecting from topics like reporting an incident, pausing your offers, changing a delivery address, earnings questions, and more.

When you’re done, just end your chat with a tap. You can even see all your previous conversations or leave a review so we can keep improving.

What if you’re not on a shift?

If you’re experiencing an issue that’s not related to an order or your shift, there are a few resources where you can find answers. For more information please visit the courier portal.
You can always check out other articles on the Inside Track to find the answers you need!

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