New Map. Same App.

See custom shifts at a glance with FlexMap.

Now, it’s easier than ever to see new earning opportunities in your area with our latest Courier App update.

When you open your Courier App, you’ll see our new homepage with a map of your city. If you have a shift, tap Start to begin.

While on-shift, your zone will turn green if there’s an opportunity for you to extend your shift. Tap the green part of the map to extend your shift.

Pick up shifts

If you don’t have a shift, you can still take advantage of this new feature.

When you toggle your status to “Available” you will be able to view the map for extra earning opportunities. If it’s green, you can tap the green part to pick up a shift. Select your shift end-time and click Start Shift to start receiving offers.

We’ll even send you in-app notifications when order volume is high so you don’t miss an opportunity to earn more.*

See opportunities in real-time

Be in the right place at the right time. FlexMap makes it easier for you to see when and where earning opportunities are available and can help you choose where to conduct your business.

* Push Notifications for Earning Opportunities can be toggled ON or OFF in the Courier App Settings. It’s up to you!

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