Set Yourself Up For Success With Self-Serve

Customise your schedule — and your cash flow. 

New self-serve functions are now in the Courier App! Manage more changes without chatting in.

Fine-tune your availability

Setting your own availability couldn’t be easier. For a refresher on changing your availability, you can log in to the App Guide section of the Courier Portal for a walk-through.

Can’t wait? Go to Schedule > Availability Settings. You can select your max scheduled hours per week by choosing any of the following: no preference, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, or 20+ hours. When your schedule is created, the system won’t exceed the max that you’ve indicated. Keep in mind, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive shifts or that exact number of hours. 

You can also choose multiple zones you’d like to be scheduled in and add more zones if you’d like to pick up Open Shifts elsewhere. Open Shifts are great because you can pick up shifts in a zone you aren’t normally scheduled in. For example, if you qualify for 4 zones in your city, you can select as many of those zones as you want to be scheduled in, and you can also choose additional zones you want to deliver in, but do not want to be regularly scheduled in. Try out as many zones as you want — it’s up to you! 

Want to drop a shift?

You can drop any shift at any time. Simply tap the shift you wish to drop: 

  • For confirmed shifts or shifts that are starting soon:
    Double tap the shift > slide it to the left > tap the X icon > select Drop Shift
  • For unconfirmed shifts or shifts in the future: 
    Tap the X icon next to the shift time

Want to pause offers?

Self-serve pause immediately allows you to pause any new offers that might come your way without having to chat-in. If you have accepted an offer and are currently delivering it, the feature will not work.  The feature will only work for any new offers — once the current order is complete, you’ll be set to pause. When you’re ready to begin accepting offers, you can begin with the tap of a button.

Want to end your shift?

By tapping End Shift, you can end your shift at any time. You’ll then be able to see how busy your zone is, and be given the choice to either stay on shift or end your shift. If the zone that you’re in is not busy, no options will pop up and you can proceed with ending your shift right away.

Hungry for more drive time?

Open shifts are a great way to pick up extra hours, and are updated regularly on the Courier App. Read this article on how to get the most out of your schedule.

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