Self-serve Your Preferred Zone

The latest update to the Courier App gives you the option to select one or more preferred zones for each week’s availability. When we schedule your shifts, we’ll know where you’d rather deliver, and where you’d rather not.

Using preferred zones

Preferred zones give you the flexibility to choose where your shifts are scheduled. Whether you want to stay closer to home or remain in busy areas, preferred zones add another layer of customization to your schedule. Plus, you can still pick up open shifts in other zones.

You can select to have all your shifts in only one of your active zones, or select multiple preferred zones every week. In your ‘Availability Settings’, you’ll see all of your active zones. Simply tap the zones you prefer to be scheduled in and your selected zones will appear in blue — zones where you don’t want shifts will remain grey.

Capping your hours

When you’re setting your availability, you can now set a maximum number of hours you want to be scheduled for each week. You’ll also find this in your ‘Availability Settings’.

Setting a maximum number of hours won’t affect your ability to pick up shifts after they’re released. You can always drop scheduled shifts and pick up open shifts that work better for you as they become available.

Note: setting maximum hours does not guarantee that you will be scheduled for all those hours.

Adding or removing zones

If you’re a new courier, you’ll probably only have one zone to choose from. Once you add more zones, you’ll be able to select preferred zones when you set your weekly availability.

If you’d like to add or remove zones to your account, please use the chat function in the courier app.

Your weekly availability for the following week should be set every Wednesday by midnight. New schedules are released every Thursday. If you want to know more about setting your schedule, getting the most out of every shift, or how to drop and pick up open shifts, check out our FAQ page or this article about self-serve functions in the app.

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