Track Your Stats In The App

The Courier App has new profile features that make it easy to track your progress on-shift and on the network.

You’ll be able to see tons of information about your deliveries, customer feedback, and even your eligibility for promotional Top-Ups.

Here’s everything you can see on your Courier Profile:

  • How long you’ve been on the Skip Network.
  • How many deliveries you’ve completed.
  • A live view of your acceptance rate.
  • A live Top Up eligibility tracker (select markets only).
  • A snapshot of customer feedback.
  • Your referred friends’ status.
  • Your referral bonuses.

In select markets, you may see your Top-Up tracker. This tool gives you a live tally of your acceptance rate so you’ll always know if you qualify for a Top Up.

Whether or not you’re on-shift, your Courier Profile is a useful tool that can be used as a reference for your earnings, to view your overall customer reviews, and to track your efficiency.

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