Turbocharge Your Earnings

Tips for more earning opportunities on the Skip network.

We know you want to get the most out of every shift on the Skip network. Whether it’s after work or between classes, your spare time means extra income.

Here’s how you can earn money on the network:

  • Transit pay is calculated based on the estimated time and distance from your location to the restaurant, then from the restaurant to the customer’s delivery address.
  • Customer tips may be added by customers at their discretion online or in cash at the door.
  • Incentives include any earnings made from active promotions in your zone that you qualify for.
  • Reimbursements are added for things like longer wait times at the restaurant and cancelled orders.

We’re always piloting new features, so you may see extra line items on your Earnings Statement from new initiatives.

Tips To Earn Even More

  1. Raise Your Acceptance Rate
    Your acceptance rate is the percentage of offers you receive versus how many offers you choose to accept and deliver. Couriers with high order acceptance rates may earn up to 25% more on average than couriers with low acceptance rates!
  2. Use Hot Spots
    Hot Spots are areas with the most potential offers and are usually near clusters of popular restaurants. To activate the Hot Spot feature, go to the Map in the Courier Apps and select Available while on shift. This puts you in the best position to get even more offers.
  3. Be Prepared
    Keep your shifts smooth by prepping before you start. Keep your thermal bags clean, smartphone charged, enough gas for your shift, and your $60 cash float ready to go. Time wasted on-shift troubleshooting your phone’s low battery or topping up your tank means less time to accept new offers.
  4. Accept Shift Extensions
    Shift extensions are offered when order volume is too high to handle. That means more offers can come your way. Extend your shift and extend your earning opportunity.
  5. Check For Promotions
    Always check your Courier Portal and email to take advantage of any promotions in your zone! We regularly roll out new Subsidies and Incentives that can add up fast.

Don’t forget — you can view your earnings breakdown for each order in your Courier App as soon as you’ve completed it. Some Subsidies may only appear on your Earnings Statement. Payments are processed every Monday and should be received by Friday (depending on your financial institution and holidays). 

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