Age restricted items

You may be offered the chance to deliver age-restricted items. When delivering these items, you must always verify the customers age. 

🤔 Is the customer of age? 

It’s against the law to hand over age-restricted items to anyone underage. Check  the customer’s ID before you make the handoff. You will also need to enter the customer’s date of birth into the app. 

đź‘Ť Choice is Yours

The ball’s in your court. You get to decide if you want to take orders that include age-restricted items. But if you do, you’ve got to play by the rules. If at any point you change your mind, you can always reach out to Support using the chat option and we’ll unassign you from those orders. 

🛍️ Delivering the Goods:

Alright, so you’re all set to deliver age-restricted items. When you accept an offer, follow the steps in the app as usual. Make sure those special items are tucked away safely in your thermal bags during pickup. And when you arrive at the customer’s address, that’s when some additional steps kick in. Stick to the legal requirements, always.

Additional Legal Requirements: 

  • It is illegal to deliver alcohol to a person that is visibly intoxicated or under the legal drinking age.
  • By law, you must return undelivered alcohol to the vendor immediately.
  • When picking up an alcohol order, the store/restaurant will require your government-issued photo ID and/or Alcohol Certification.
  • You are legally required to check the customer’s government-issued ID. The name on the customer’s ID must match the name on the order. Photocopies or digital copies of the ID are not acceptable proof of ID. 
  • In BC, you’re required to check two pieces of IDs before delivering alcohol. The primary ID must be an official government-issued ID (including foreign government-issued) with name, picture, and birth date; such as a driver’s license or passport. The secondary ID must include the name and signature or picture; such as a credit card or student ID.
  • Alcohol orders can only be delivered to residential addresses, and can never be released to customers at schools, prisons, remand centres, or businesses that also sell alcohol.

âť“ If for any reason you can’t complete an alcohol delivery or you have any other issues, please use the chat function in the Courier App for support to coordinate return of the item. 

Stay safe. You’ve got this.