Ready, set, go! Starting your delivery run

💬 Accept or Decline:

You’re the boss. Accept or decline, it’s up to you. 

🏪Picking up from partners

After accepting, read any notes and review the address. When you arrive, update your status. This helps the partner and customer track their order.

👜 Thermal Bags & Pickup:

Bring your bags and let the partner know you’re there to collect. Confirm the order number before collecting. Pop the order in your bag to keep it safe. Long-press to confirm pickup.

🚗 Delivering to the customer 

Before hitting the road, peek at customer notes. You can use the directions shortcut to get the map directions and start navigation in your preferred app. Long-press when you arrive, follow their notes, and drop off their goods.

✅ Completing and Pausing:

Long-press to confirm delivery is complete and get ready for more offers. Need a break? Simply pause offers. End your run anytime. In the last hour, watch for run extension offers.

Remember to kick off your run within your delivery zone for more matches. With new offers, check out the earnings, locations, and driving distance. Long-press to accept, and off you go to the pickup spot. Keep on delivering and counting those earnings.