Multi-Collect orders

We’ve got something awesome for you – Multi-Collect orders. These sweet deals give you extra chances by matching you with multiple orders in the same area. Talk about efficiency, right? Plus, you’ll still get to keep 100% of the tips, and any applicable subsidies for both offers.

🚗 When you’re on the move, a Multi-Collect offer may pop up. They’re like a puzzle of orders that fit perfectly together. You’ll snag these orders from one partner and zoom over to two different customers or it could be two orders from two restaurants, located nearby. While collecting orders, you should let the restaurant know that you will be collecting multiple orders at once in order to avoid unnecessary delays. The same process applies to alcohol orders. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Remember all orders need to be stored in your thermal bag. If you cannot fit the orders in your bag, please chat with us for assistance. Don’t forget to zip the bag so the food is at the right temperature until it’s delivered to the customer.  
  • When delivering, remember to make sure that you are giving the correct order to each customer. 
  • What’s the hold-up? If you are being held up at the first customer’s location, it means another customer is left waiting, please reach out to us ASAP.
  • Be sure to update your status on the app correctly if you are stalled due to restaurant delays. Reimbursements are calculated as one order. 

🤝 Keep on delivering those customer smiles.