Here is how restaurant hold fees work

Starting April 3, Skip will not assign restaurant hold fees to any courier deemed to have obtained such restaurant hold fees fraudulently.

What are Resto Holds?

 Restaurant holds apply when there is a delay while collecting an order that exceeds the acceptable time allotted to restaurants to prepare and package the order for your collection.

You will only qualify for a restaurant hold if you:

  • Swiped “parked at the restaurant” only after you arrived at the restaurant;
  • Swiped “collected” after you receive the order and before you leave the restaurant 
  • Were informed by the restaurant that the order is not ready for pickup 
  • Remained at the restaurant until the order is ready for pick up

If you are not able to wait at the Restaurant for the order to be prepared, Please contact support.

Skip will remove any restaurant hold fees that are applied under the circumstances below:

  • If you swipe “parked at the restaurant” before you intend to arrive at the restaurant;
  • If you leave the restaurant for any reason before collecting the order; or 
  • if you collect the order but fail to update your status to “collected” before leaving the restaurant”.


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