Order Up! Picking Up Orders

We’ve compiled a short list of tips that will help make collecting orders a breeze.

1. Updating your status

It’s best to be parked as close as possible before you update your status to PARKED AT RESTAURANT. Some restaurants even have reserved parking just for couriers. If you’re struggling to find a spot and need more time, you can chat with us in your Courier App.

Once you’re parked, you should swipe to update your status. And once you’ve collected the order and zipped it securely in your bag, don’t forget to swipe your status to COLLECTED.

Pro tip: You’ll likely pick up at the same restaurants regularly, so it helps to build a professional relationship with restaurant staff. It’s a great way to boost your success. Why not introduce yourself when you provide your order number?

2. Waiting at the restaurant

Restaurants can be busy places, and delays happen. If you have to wait, you can ask where suits them best. You won’t want to block their entrances or exits — and they may even give you a specific time to come back. You’ll be reimbursed for any extended wait times as long as you’ve updated your status correctly. This helps us track your wait times more accurately so you can be reimbursed correctly on your earnings statement.

3. Taking care of every order

Don’t forget to bring your thermal bags with you when entering the restaurant. Both bags is even better: you may be able to guess which bag to take, especially if it’s a pizza joint, but you won’t want to waste any time running back for your other bag. To help deliver food at the best quality, use your thermal bags properly to protect the contents of the order and keep food at the right temperature.

Want more hot tips on thermal bags? Check out this article.

If you can’t self-serve a solution to an issue during your shift, it’s best to chat with us in your Courier App. After your shift, please use email.

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